Free Software Activities (August 2019)

Sun 22 September 2019 by bblough


  • Fixed bug 933422: passwordsafe — Switch to using wxgtk3


    • unstable/testing: 1.06+dfsg-3
  • Upgraded passwordsafe package to latest upstream version (1.08.2)


    • unstable/testing: 1.08.2+dfsg-1
    • buster-backports: 1.08.2+dfsg-1~bpo10+1
  • Updated python-django-cas-client to latest upstream version (1.5.1) and did some miscellaneous cleanup/maintenance of the packaging.


    • unstable/testing: 1.5.1-1
  • Discovered an issue with sbuild where the .changes file output by the build was different from the .changes file passed to lintian. This meant that the lintian results were sometimes different when lintian was run via sbuild vs when it was run manually. Patch submitted.

  • Provided a patch for NuSOAP to update deprecated class constructors.

  • Submitted a merge request to update the ftp-master website and replace a reference to Buster as testing with Bullseye.


  • Fixed bug AXIS2C-1619: CVE-2012-6107: SSL/TLS Hostname validation


    • r1866225 - Perform SSL hostname validation
    • r1866245 - Add SSL host validation check to X509_V_OK code path